By: jeffharrisnz

May 26 2010

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We live in age of rapid and constant change. When I began my career in advertising 29 years ago it was all about the Big Idea. We had Big Budgets. We crafted Big Slogans. We also had Big Lunches.

Now we have niche markets, niche audiences and niches within niches. But we still need the Big Idea. That’s what makes my job so exciting – the quest for an idea that connects a brand to its audience. It’s a thrill when it happens and it’s an even bigger thrill when that audience take ownership of it and it takes on a new life.

And for brands to be meaningful in this fragmented Facebook, Twitter obsessed world, they need to engage and prove their relevance.

Now, more than ever.

Over the years I’ve worked with some great people on some of the largest brands in the UK and New Zealand.

I’ve started a DM agency and seen two web companies I founded go on to be hugely successful. I designed the original Body Shop logo for Anita Roddick while at Art College and it’s still being used today.

I think our business is even more exciting and more exhilarating than when I started out. I see a future that will reward bravery, honesty and above all, smarter thinking. And while we’re doing all that, we should still be having Big Fun.